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Nerikomi Porcelain Planet Series

Nerikomi Porcelain Planet Series

 Nerikomi is the ceramic technique of mixing colored pigments into wet clay and creating patterns by layering and compressing the colored clays. Without any paint or glaze on the surface, the design runs all the way through the clay and is created entirely by hand.

My porcelain planets are wall-hanging sculptures made in the nerikomi technique with colored porcelain to capture the features of each planet in the solar system.

What does creating nerikomi look like?

Here is a video of my favorite part of the process: slicing a large block of colored clay to reveal the “Jupiter” pattern inside!

Mixed into the wet clay, the pigments appear a paler version of their final color. It is only after the final kiln firing of the porcelain to cone 6 (approximately 2232 degrees Fahrenheit)- that the true vibrancy of the colors is revealed.